Although infant massage has only recently begun to be appreciated and practiced in
this country, it has been a daily procedure in many cultures.

Nurturing touch between a caregiver and an infant enriches physiological, social-emotional,
and mind/body/spirit connections for the infant being massaged as well as for the caregiver.
Being touched and caressed, being massaged, is food for the infant. Touch is vital for the
development of attachment behavior and for early socialization of the young child. Massage
is a gentle warm communication between the caretaker and the child. It allows the caretaker
to engage and relax the baby in mutually pleasurable interaction.

Research by Dr. Tiffany Field of the Touch Institute in Miami and others has shown that
massage benefits infants in a variety of populations, including premature infants, infants
with motor problems, those with gastrointestinal illness, infants exposed to drugs in utero,
visually impaired babies, and institutionalized infants.

Benefits of infant massage include:
- promoting bonding and attachment
- helping babies to sleep better
- stimulating and strengthening circulation, digestion and elimination systems, which
can lead to weight gain
- reducing the discomfort from teething, colds, congestion, gas, colic, emotional stress
- enhancing communication through eye contact, skin contact, smiles, soothing sounds
- helping caretaker to build understanding of the babies' cues
- improving a sense of well-being and increasing relaxation of caretaker providing massage


Sandra Daitch offers private classes for small groups and private lessons for individuals
couples. Contact Sandra for more info or to set up an appointment in her Arlington, Ma
office or possibly in another location.

Classes generally include a brief lecture, relaxation exercise for parents, demonstrations
and guided infant massage of your baby, followed by some time to talk and ask questions.

If you and your spouse / partner or friend would like to have a private lesson, please
contact Sandra to arrange that.

Massage Therapy session combined with Infant Massage Tutorial

To contact Sandra, call (617) 876-0196 or

SANDRA DAITCH, LMT, CIMI, CLYL, SEP offers training in Infant Massage for parents
and other childcare providers. She has a BA from the Eliot Pearson Dept. of Child
Development at Tufts University, preschool teaching experience, and over 30 years
as a Licensed Massage Therapist and Massage Instructor. She has been certified
to teach Infant Massage to parents and other childcare providers. Sandra is dedicated
to bringing the gift of touch to many different caregiving situations. Sandra has offered
presentations on Infant Massage at local conferences for Childcare Educators
(BAEYC and NAEYC) and for staff development at childcare centers.

She has an office in Arlington, Massachusetts.


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